Facebook launches Sound Collection and 360 Community page

Facebook launches Sound Collection and 360 Community page

Facebook has unveiled two new features that it hopes will help people – influencers included – with the videos they’re uploading to the social network.

The first is called Facebook Sound Collection, and will provide a catalogue of free music tracks and sound effects for people to use in their videos.

The tracks can be filtered by genre, mood – scary, dreamy, ‘groovy’ and so on – length and whether they have vocals, with the catalogue also searchable.

“This update begins to solve a problem I've heard from creators - they love making and sharing videos on Facebook and Instagram, but it can often be difficult to find audio or sounds to include,” explained Facebook’s VP of product Fidji Simo.

“Now, they can browse Sound Collection to find tracks that match their needs — and we'll be building up the collection over time.”

It’s Facebook’s equivalent of YouTube’s ‘Audio Library’ feature, which the latter service launched in 2013 as a royalty-free catalogue of music for creators. It has since added sound effects too.

The other new Facebook feature is called the 360 Community page, which is aimed at anyone making (or wanting to make) 360-degree videos to upload to Facebook.

It will offer tutorials on cameras, video-editing and spatial audio, as well as a ‘camera loaner program’ in partnership with 360 video firm Blend Media, to help people get their hands on 360-capable cameras.

Facebook is also launching a suite of tools for creating 360-degree videos under the banner of 360 Director.

“I’m excited about this because 360 videos are some of the most immersive experiences on Facebook,” wrote Simo. “We want to make it easier for more creators to access this format.”

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