YouTube unveils updates to child data protection efforts

YouTube unveils updates to child data protection efforts

In a blog postpublished by CEO Susan Wojcicki, YouTube has revealed how it'll protect children's privacy moving forward.

The news follows YouTube being fined $170 million after breaching rules in data handling.

"Responsibility is our number one priority at YouTube, and nothing is more important than protecting kids and their privacy," the statement began.

"YouTube has been a site for people over 13, but with a boom in family content and the rise of shared devices, the likelihood of children watching without supervision has increased.

"We’ve been taking a hard look at areas where we can do more to address this, informed by feedback from parents, experts, and regulators, including COPPA concerns raised by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the New York Attorney General that we are addressing with a settlement announced today."

YouTube also states that over the upcoming months, features will change for content aimed at children, including as to how YouTube handles and captures the data regarding the content. The FTC also suggested that removing ads from children's content may help, despite concerns that the move will harm creators.

Make that change

The company summarised the key points on a thread on Twitter. The first of four points said that "We will treat data from anyone watching children’s content on as coming from a child, regardless of the age of the user. This means we will only collect the data needed to support the operation of the service."

They continued adding that tailored advertisements would not run on children content, nor will features like notifications or allowing a comment system.

"In order to identify content made for kids, creators will be required to tell us when their content falls in this category, and we’ll also use machine learning to find videos that clearly target young audiences, for example those that have an emphasis on kids characters, themes, toys, or games" the platform explained in their statement.

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