Hannah Rutherford leaves Yogscast network

Hannah Rutherford leaves Yogscast network

Content creator and long term Yogscast alumnus Hannah Rutherford has declared her separation from the gaming network after creating content with them for over ten years.

Rutherford created her YouTube channel titled "Yogscast2" back in 2011, but has rebranded and dropped the network association from her channel's title in recent years. On October 28th, she announced her official departure.

"This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time - and it’s the right moment to go my own way," Rutherford explained on Twitter, highlighting the charity events she has participated in during her time at the network.

"It’s been an amazing 10 years together - a few lows, but so many highs - like helping raise $15m for charity through the Jingle Jam. I wish Lewis, Simon and the team all the very best and I hope you’ll continue supporting me."

She also assured followers and fans that no changes will be made to her current content and streaming schedule. 

Rutherford has previously discussed her association with The Yogscast with, where she spoke of how she had been involved with the channel and the network in its infancy.

"I joined Yogs in the World of Warcraft raiding days when a lot of us hung around on Ventrilo," Rutherford recalled.

"I started out doing guest appearances on bits like the podcast and some of the boss strategy videos (I'm the very useless Moonkin). Then I went to editing videos for them a little later on alongside doing my own content.

“There was no company back then! It was just Lewis and Simon with assorted friends who liked to bumble around in video games and Sips had a toaster for a mic. Not much has changed."


Rutherford is the fourth Yogscast member to leave the company in recent months, following a trifecta of sexual misconduct allegations back in July and August.

The allegations were made against former CEO, Mark 'Turps' TurpinPaul 'Sjin' Sykes, and Matthew 'Caff' Meredith.

While Rutherford's departure has been announced after these incidents, her slow separation from the network through rebranding, and heavy focus on Twitch, shows Rutherford's departure to be unrelated to the allegations.

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