Faze Jarvis banned from Fortnite for using aimbots

Faze Jarvis banned from Fortnite for using aimbots

Esports gamer and Fortnite pro player Jarvis 'FaZe Jarvis' Kaye has been given a lifetime ban from Epic Games' title after using aimbots on Twitch.

While playing on the game's Solo and Playground mode, 17-year-old Kaye was caught using the assisted aiming cheat during a video made for fans.

Pleading that the video wasn't used competitively, and rather as entertainment for his audience, Kaye has apologised, saying that, "cheating in anything is just terrible. You should never do it, it's just such a dumb thing to do."

Kaye is also banned from attending all competitive events hosted by Epic Games, including the esport tournament of Fortnite that Kaye competed in.


Many fans have rallied in support of Kaye, pushing against the ban with the hashtag, #FreeJarvis. However, under Epic Games' community service terms, that users agree to before playing, Epic wrote about cheating saying that it "can result in action against your account all the way up to a permanent ban"

Kaye's video shows him using cheating software, as well as associating cheating on Fortnite with entertainment. Banning Kaye sets a precedent to prevent more cheaters amongst the community.

Earlier this year, two fellow players were caught cheating during the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, and were banned for two weeks, though were able to still qualify for the tournament.

However, in a different case, Epic Games took a minor to court for posting YouTube videos of cheats and selling cheating software.

As there is no standardised punishment published by Epic Games in response to cheaters, it is difficult to estimate how severely the company is dealing with Kaye.

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