Family blogger apologises for creating fake trolling account

Family blogger apologises for creating fake trolling account

Clemmie Hooper, a blogger under the name mother_of_daughters on Instagram, confirmed on Instagram's Stories that she had been posting trolling messages under a fake account on gossip site Tattle Life.

It was believed that Hooper was working under the identity AliceInWanderLust. The account was used was comment on fellow influencers' posts, and her husband, Simon Hooper. Hooper later admitted to using the account.

"I know there are some rumours circulating and I want to take the opportunity to explain," Hooper said.

"Earlier this year, I became aware of a website that had thousands of comments about my family and I. Reading them made me feel extremely paranoid and affected me much more than I knew at the time.

I decided without telling anyone else I would make an anonymous account so that this group of people would believe I was one of them, so that I could change their opinions from the inside to defend my family and I."

Hooper continued expressing how being a part of a negative commenting site "became all-consuming", and that when users began suspecting Hooper's false identity, "I made the mistake of commenting about others. I regret it all and am deeply sorry."


Among the influencers commented on, Laura Rutherford responded, "you've goaded and encouraged trolls to tear my reputation apart for the last 8 months. Mine and a handful of other influencers- and for what gain? [sic]"

In addition to commenting on influencers, the AliceInWanderLust account, thought to be ran by Hooper, also commented on her husband, calling him a "class A twat".

Bethie Hungerford, also spoke about Hooper's false account on Stories. Hungerford uploaded prior to Hooper's admission, and said, "I've been debating all day about what to do and say about getting trolled and bullied by a friend of mine online,"

"This person has admitted to the bullying to all of the friends she has tried to spread rumours about online. It's not whether or not this has happened - it's that it has and she refuses to take responsibility for her actions."

This news is the latest piece of evidence that supports the petition signed by YouTuber Lorrain McPhee, Michelle Chapman, and author Sali Hughes have all signed supporting a take-down on sites like Tattle Life, and Guru Gossip, due to the websites being a cesspit of hate and online bullying.

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