Hannah Witton sets up peer-to-peer networking event for online creators

Hannah Witton sets up peer-to-peer networking event for online creators

YouTube content creator Hannah Witton has announced a peer-to-peer event for fellow online creators.

The event is dubbed Creator Table Talks and the first one takes place on Monday 2nd December, between 2pm and 5pm.

The afternoon is to be split into two parts. The first part, titled Talks, will give guest speakers an opportunity to share their expertise as a content creator with attendees.

Guest speakers include body confidence coach Michelle Elman, Jess Dante, the creator of the Love and London brand, Ben Ebbrell, the founder and chef at SORTEDFood, and Hannah Witton herself, as a sexual education creator and organisational extraordinaire.

In the second half, attendees will be able to converse with the speakers in a series of roundtable events. 

"However, you only get a short while and, similar to speed dating, a bell will ring and then the speakers will move to a different table - and then another roundtable discussion starts! This means each group will have a chance to chat with each speaker," Witton added.


Expressing her interest in the event, Dante wrote, "Looking forward to speaking, Hannah! Finally, an event that's for creators who are building a business, not just a channel or Instagram account."

The talks will cover topics such as the rise of TikTok and how it differs from Instagram, how to maximise email marketing strategies, and how to create an effective content calendar without causing burnout.

The event becomes another addition to the rise of creator focussed events, such as Summer in the City's Influencer Day. However, Summer in the City's Influencer Day in recent years has received criticism for becoming accessible to fans, removing the focus for creators to educate and grow, with many fans using the day as a cheaper option to see content creators.

Creator Table Talks tickets are available for £60, with the event taking place on 2 December 2019 at Green Rooms, in London. Spaces are limited to 20. 

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