Twitter unveils new program that aims to fix how conversations are presented

Twitter unveils new program that aims to fix how conversations are presented

Twitter has opened up applications for users to test a new program that aims to refine how conversations look on Twitter.

First revealed back in January during CES 2019, the program will touch on multiple aspects of Twitter, with the first test looking to make changes and improvements to interactions between users.

This includes a redesign to how replies are presented, making it easier to view an entire conversation, navigate back to a user’s main timeline.

Concerns about Twitter’s look and feel have been brought up by many users, which eventually prompted a statement from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

In an interview conducted over Twitter with journalist Kara Swisher, Dorsey spoke about the platform's approach to improving the Twitter timeline, as well as other aspects that appear to need improvements. Ironically, all this interview did was further highlight the problems with discovery and following threads on the platform.

We're working on it

Twitter’s director of product management, Sara Haider, commented about the issues and changes Twitter is hoping to implement in a shot interview back in January.

“It’s kind of a new take on our thinking about product development," Haider said.

"One of the reasons why this is so critical for this particular feature is because we know we’re making changes that are pretty significant. We need you to be part of this process so that we know we’re building the right experience...”

There are currently no official images or concrete details regarding the coming changes. Representatives of the company have said the replies function may resemble Direct Messages - more rounded but not similar to speech bubbles.

Other aspects such as the colours and small details to the overall design of replies, engagements, sharing options could be overhauled too. Twitter says it will only accept a couple of thousand testers into the program.

Testers won’t be under NDA so everyone can expect thoughts about the changes to be discussed openly on the platform at some point. Anybody who is interested in applying to the program can do so from the tweet posted by the @TwitterSupport account. If accepted into it, they will receive an email giving the next steps to take for the program.

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