Takumi unveils new 'creator first' marketing division

Takumi unveils new 'creator first' marketing division

Influencer marketing platform Takumi has unveiled a new marketing division that will further enable brands to discover and work with creators.

The division, titled 'TAKUMI X' promises to facilitate a 'new kind of working relationship' between brands and influencers across existing and emerging platforms.

TAKUMI X will offer a series of services to brands and influencers alike, that will enable talent discovery, give insight into branding strategies and building a social following, and tools that will bring influencers directly into the marketing mix in order to craft more authentic, creator-led content.

The company also welcomes Jim Meadows at the project's chief strategy officer. Meadows has managed social media content for global brands such as RedBull and Virgin Media, and brings 10 years experience to the new role.

"I have admired Takumi’s campaign content for many years and am so pleased to be joining this organisation at such a pivotal point, ” said Meadows.

"Takumi has paved the way in the influencer marketing industry, and we are looking forward to guiding clients to uplevel their marketing with more realistic, authentic, diverse and culturally relevant content than ever before through TAKUMI X."

Creator first

It is consistently highlighted that influencers crave creative control the most when working alongside a brand. Influencers are often given briefs to work from without being consulted first. Takumi hopes to shift the current influencer marketing model, allowing creators to act as creative consultants within the campaigns that they're working on. It'll also see influencers consulted at every stage of a campaign, from initial briefing to launch.

"Time and time again, we’ve seen that the most culturally relevant marketing content today is conceived and developed by creators. They are modern-day Don Drapers; creative and influential forces to the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1960s. These are the people who are driving culture, setting the agenda, capturing the zeitgeist and creating virality that brands struggle to achieve alone," said Mary Keane-Dawson, GROUP CEO of TAKUMI.

“We are excited to facilitate deeper collaborations than ever before and offer clients unprecedented access to the first-hand insights and creative reserves of leading talent.”

The division rolled out in the UK today, with US and other countries launching in the next few weeks.


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