11 must-read influencer interviews from 2017

11 must-read influencer interviews from 2017

2017 was a great start for Since our launch in October, we've had the pleasure of speaking with a wealth of talented and experienced leaders in the influencer space, as well as tons of up-and-coming professionals with fresh new outlooks.

We plan to continue that trend in to 2018, bringing you the best insight and hot takes from the biggest names in the ever-expanding influencer industry. 

We had a look back through our favourite interviews of 2017, across our 'Influencer Icon' and 'Rising Star' features. 

If you're a content creator, steamer, a business or a personality doing something awesome in the Influencer Marketing space - we want to hear from you! 

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  • Keymailer

    Keymailer logo

    We kicked off with a great chat with key distribution platform, Keymailer.

    We spoke to Company Director James Beaven and chairman Jamie Ridyard about bridging the gap between influencers and game developers. They also ran us through their methods of effectively tracking the progress and reach of individual influencers.

    Keymailer also offered some great advice on what to prioritise as a game dev, and how to maximise your reach when looking to collaborate with gaming influencers.

    Read the rest here.

  • Dan Bull

    Dan Bull logo

    "YouTube is a hulking leviathan slowly sinking under the weight of its own arrogance."

    Our first Influencer Icon piece featured the resplendent YouTube rapper, Dan Bull.

    Dan Bull is no stranger to YouTube. He's been making and uploading a plethora of content to the platform for over ten years and is still going strong. His blend of comedy, music, and satire is still resonating across the web, and he's got a thing or two to say about the current state of the influencer scene.

    Read the full thing here.



  • Overwatch Central

    Overwatch Central logo

    We kicked off our Rising Star section with a great piece from Overwatch focused creators, Overwatch Central. 

    We caught up with Ryan Horton from OC to chat about his year, becoming a full-time creator, and the limitations faced when your livelihood is built around a single brand.

    Read the full thing here.

  • Martyn Littlewood

    Martyn Littlewood logo

    We had an awesome chat with the brilliant Martyn Littlewood, also known as 'InTheLittleWood' on YouTube and Twitch. He talked us through the history of his channel, and gave us some hot takes on the influencer scene, and what it means to don the role of an online influencer.

    Littlewood is a long-time member of gaming network The Yogscast. Before Pewdiepie came along and smashed everyone out of the water, The Yogscast led the charge on letsplays in the UK.

    Read the full interview here.

  • Ashdubh

    Ashdubh logo

    Back in November, we chatted to YouTube Roblox creator Ashdubh. Ash is a child-friendly content creator, who works hard to ensure that his content is appropriate for everyone.

    While that may lead to restrictions in the things he can say and do online, Ash is committed to creating a safe, friendly and fun space for gaming fans of all ages, and has amassed a enthusiastic, sizeable following in the process.

    Check the full thing here.

  • Simon Miller

    Simon Miller logo

    In late November, journalist and YouTube nonsense-maker Simon Miller started working at Curve Digital under his brash indie dev alter-ego, Brian Cranst. 

    Miller is already a fairly established and trusted name in the gaming sector. But who is Brian Cranst, and why is he representing Curve Digital instead? We sat down with journalism’s favourite buff boy, to discuss his new position at Curve, and get his solid, honest takes on some key developments in the influencer scene.

    Go read all about it. It's here.

  • Matt Collins

    Matt Collins logo

     We spoke to Matt Collins, the newly appointed COO of NerdCubed - one of the UK's biggest gaming channels. 

    Matt began his journey volunteering for NerdCubed in 2014. Eventually, the channel had escalated so much that Dan needed someone to manage to PR. Matt joined the company as an official employee in 2015. 

    We sat down with Collins and asked him how he juggles his COO position whilst trying to further his own creative endeavours.

    Real the full thing here.

  • Naysayerz

    Naysayerz logo

    Heather Dower, known in the eSports world as Naysayerz, is a presenter and content creator, who very swiftly made her way from the underground eSports scene, onto GinxTV- Sky’s dedicated competitive gaming channel.

    We had a great chat with her about the fast-growing esports scene, and where it's all heading.

    Check the full talk with Nay here.

  • PhoenixGG2

    PhoenixGG2  logo

    As Minecraft continues to dominate YouTube, we sat down with PhoenixGG2, a fast rising Minecraft content creator.

    Phoenix hit 20,000 subscribers in April 2017, and has managed to more than double that in the past 6 months. Phoenix was also featured in our 20 Creators to Watch 2017 list. 

    Check out our full interview with PhoenixGG2 here.

  • Mike Craddock

    Mike  Craddock logo

    We spoke to the founder of Kairos Media, Mike Craddock. Craddock, a former YouTuber, formed Kairos with his partner using knowledge and experience of the market from a creator perspective. 

    Kairos Media went on to achieve a 7-figure turnover in its first year while working out of a university dormitory and a garden shed. Pretty impressive stuff.

    Read the full story here.

  • LX Xander

    LX Xander logo

    Just before Christmas, we met LX Xander, a spooky producer from the UK using the power of online influence to market and sell music to budding rappers, musicians and industry professionals, whilst doing whatever it takes to push his clients to the very top.

    LX's name sits on records next to the likes of Future, Hopsin, and Snoop Dogg, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

    We sat down with LX to discuss his methods, and why branding is so important in a world where everyone wants to be noticed. 

    Read the full talk with LX Xander here.


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