Top 10 streamed games: Fall Guys is dominating the internet, but is it still topping Twitch?

Top 10 streamed games: Fall Guys is dominating the internet, but is it still topping Twitch? has teamed up with esports and streaming analytics firm Stream Hatchet to bring you weekly charts of the most popular games in the streaming space.

This chart documents the most-watched games by hours across Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook.

Each week we'll be documenting the top ten most-watched titles across all the major streaming platforms so you can see which games are thriving among content creators and which titles are waning in popularity.

This chart covers the week commencing August 24th 2020.

Most-watched games

League of Legends is once again, the most-watched game of the last week. The title racked up over 46 million hours watched. The Twitch category for League is consistently packed with individual pro players streaming to their own audiences, in between actual events taking place.

Fortnite comes in second place, which saw a 35.2 per cent rise in views. The battle royale's fourth season kicked off this weekend, and the anticipation of that saw players hop back on the battle bus.

PUBG Mobile takes third place, seeing minimal change and racking up over 32 million hours watched last week. Fellow mobile shooter Garena Free Fire follows in fourth after an 11.4 per cent increase in views, amassing over 30.1 million hours watched.

Grand Theft Auto V is in fifth with 25.8 million hours watched, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare follows closely behind in sixth with 25.3 million hours watched. CS:GO takes seventh and sees a  10.7 per cent increase on the week prior to last.

Minecraft takes eighth place for another week, and Dota 2 re-enters the chart in ninth with 14.1 million hours watched over the last week.

Fall Guys tumbles down to tenth place after a hefty 62.8 per cent decrease in hours watched. Despite a phenomenal social campaign and an extraordinary launch, it seems Mediatonic's fresh take on the battle royale has waned in popularity across streaming platforms.

However, measuring this title by hours watched may not be entirely representative of its popularity, on this occasion. Fall Guys' short rounds and repetitive nature may see viewers watching for shorter periods of time, compared to long games of League of Legends, but it doesn't necessarily mean the audience is not there.

Either way, it'll be interesting to see how Fall Guys fares over the next month; it'll need to evolve quickly in order to stay fresh and keep on contending with the regular top titles. A second season has already been announced and is set to launch next month, which will bring new maps, game modes and skins to the game.


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