About is brought to you by Steel Media, and our mission is to build an information hub for the business of online influencers.

We are part of a company famous for b2b sites like, and, and we are bringing our full journalistic experience and information-gathering skills to bear on the emerging influencer scene and its associated ecosystem.

We believe that our articles and services will help decision-makers to better understand this exciting new scene. will educate and inform the industry about this new breed of social and video thought leaders, demystifying the landscape for those intending to get involved, and providing useful insight and links to those who already are.

We are steadily updating our profiles and our contact database and adding details about the most important personalities, agencies, tools and organisations.

If you work in marketing and PR, enables you to better understand influencers, and offers performance and campaign features to help you improve your campaigns.

If you are an influencer, streamer or YouTuber, explains the opportunities available to you and gives you a shortcut into the mindset of those who surround and support your work.

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