Viral Visionaries

Viral Visionaries: Meet our panel of industry experts, ready to answer your questions...

Viral Visionaries: Meet our panel of industry experts, ready to answer your questions...

Here at, we have our own curated panel of industry experts, ready to give insight and guidance regarding all things Influencer.

Each week, we email about our panel of experts and pose an interesting question about the market, technology, or the state of the industry, to get some genuine insight in to what's going on in the world of influencers.

If you’d like to be involved with our panel of Viral Visionaries, drop an email to our editor, [email protected], or our senior editor [email protected].

Meet our panel…

Jiri Kupiainen CEO Matchmade

Jiri is the founder of Shark Punch, a transatlantic game development company working on a game about bank robberies in the 70s.

He was the CEO and a founder of the cross-platform gaming pioneer Rocket Pack, which was acquired by Disney in 2011.

He has been part of the Finnish games industry for almost 14 years, but currently resides in San Francisco because the weather in Helsinki sucks.

Matchmade is a Helsinki-based influencer marketing platform, providing a number of intelligent tools and services for both brands and creators. 

Jean-Philippe Decka CeO PocketWhale

Jean-Philippe has 5 years' experience building startups and advertising mobile games globally. He has a strong entrepreneurial mindset and highly developed expertise in sales strategy, team management, user acquisition, game design, user engagement and monetization.

Jean-Philippe started his career working for the mobile game publisher Chugulu where he was in charge of designing and marketing free to play titles. He contributed to the success of the award winning e-commerce platform while working for Rocket Internet as Global Venture Director in the Philippines. After Rocket Internet, Jean-Philippe joined HitFox as Head of Business Development for mobile games marketing ventures GameFinder and AppLift. He helped grow and develop both companies internationally as Chief Revenue Officer.

PocketWhale is a marketing agency focusing on mobile games, that provides a number creative and marketing tools to developers. 

Macy Mills Head of Business Development GameInfluencer

Gameinfluencer is a German company, providing marketing campaigns for PC, console and mobile games, as well as working to connect games with influencers. 

Jon Howard Head of PR/Influencer Relations Flaregames

Flaregames is a fast-growing mobile game publisher based in Germany, home to award winning mobile titles such as Royal Revoke and Nonstop Chuck Norris. 

Brian Dodge CEO Spartan Elite

Spartan Elite Advertising is the leading influencer marketing agency for YouTube and social media marketing, and the only company that has direct influencer contacts in the US. 


James Beaven CEO Keymailer

Keymailer is a service that connects content creators to game publishers, enabling them to gain access to game keys quickly and easily. 

Rich Keith Chief Revenue Officer Yogscast

The Yogscast is a YouTube network, video game publisher and media production company, with a large roster of creators. 


Jonathan Lopera Senior Accounts Director Dimoso

London based Dimoso is an integrated PR & Marketing agency specialising in B2B and B2C campaigns for the technology and mobile industry. 

Jodi Sahlin Head of Influencer Marketing Space Ape Games

Space Ape is an award-winning mobile development team based in the UK. 

Dmitry Liapin Business Development Director Zorka.Mobi

Zorka.Mobi is a creative mobile performance agency, that specialises in user acquisition services, influencer marketing and App Store optimisation. 

Veera Rouvinen Community Manager Traplight Games

Traplight Games is a Finland-based mobile development company. The team released Big Bang Racing, voted Best of 2016 by Apple. 


Sophia Tong Editorial Manager Meta

Facebook is the leading global social networking service and website. 

Paul Nadin UK PR Executive ICO Partners

ICO Partners is a UK based team that offers consulting and market intelligence services for online games in Europe.

Stefano Petrullo Founder Renaissance PR

Renaissance is a PR and communication agency, offering a non-formulaic approach to public relations based on planning, ROI and clear, measurable, objectives.

Pascal Clarysse CMO-at-large Eden Games

Pascal Clarysse started looking for so-called Growth Hacks a good decade before the buzzword was coined.

Clarysse used to be the marketing driving force at, where he was in charge of relentlessly spotting new trends, waves and magic holes. In recent years, he's served as a marketing consultant for various indie studios, participating in launching mobile games and the occasional Kickstarter campaign.

Eden Games is an independent game studio based in France; the same Eden Games that published a number of successful driving games for the Playstation. 

Matt Collins COO Nerdcubed LTD

Nerdcubed is a UK-based YouTube channel and games development team. 

Laura Dale News Editor Kotaku UK

Kotaku is an online video games outlet, and a leading source of games industry news and development. 

Kat Peterson Reelstyle

Reelstyle is a company that provides management, eCommerce and brand marketing services to a number of high-profile influencers. 

If you’d like to be involved with our panel of Viral Visionaries, drop an email to our editor, [email protected], or our senior editor [email protected]


Danielle Partis is editor of and former editor of She was named Journalist of the Year at the MCV Women in Games Awards 2019, as well as in the MCV 30 under 30 2020. Prior to Steel Media, she wrote about music and games at Team Rock.