How this Swedish tech brand made itself achingly Instagrammable

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July 7th, 2019 iDeal of Sweden Therese Lindgren
How this Swedish tech brand made itself achingly Instagrammable

Would you look at the grid on iDeal of Sweden’s Insta-face?

With its palette of rose quartz, soft taupe and dusty cotton, it’s a cool-girl Shangri-La. Any chic fashion influencer worth their pink Himalayan salt would want a square on it.

There’s nothing groundbreaking about iDeal's style and strategy, but it is one of the most mentioned brands by influencers on Instagram in posts using the #ad hashtag. And being the social media swots we are, we want to know why.

Who's involved?

So we’ve established iDeal of Sweden is too trendy for its own good. And you wouldn’t be alone in thinking it was a fashion brand at first glance - but it actually sells tech.

Phone cases, wallet cases, briefcases, power banks, charging cables... not those ugly things you find in Argos, but paradisiacal designs that range from marbled gold to Mother Earth. Products are practically made for selfies, so influencer partnerships are a doddle.

Influencers like @si_sichen who bathe in Hawaiian lotus flowers and wake up to perfectly slept-in bedsheets by Parisian windows. Like sassy Swedish TV personality Bianca Ingrosso and her ultra-pigmented cheekbones. And like Therese Lindgren, who is such an organic fit for the brand she’s even collaborated on a collection. Let’s focus on Therese.

Purpose of campaign

Influencers deliver more than 10 times the ROI that standard advertising provides. Joachim Lindström, founder and CEO of iDeal of Sweden, knows this.

He told Business Comparison that most of his ‘fashion-tech’ brand’s online marketing efforts are spent via social media, influencers and paid marketing. The iOS social media team alone has grown from one woman to a team of 12.

For the collection partnership with Therese, the brand wanted to put itself in front of the influencer’s close-to-1m followers and encourage them to buy with money-off codes.

Therese Lindgren with an iOS phone case. Image: Instagram/Therese


Working with iDeal Of Sweden’s designers to create a ‘Modern Heroine’ collection, Therese Lindgren's personal brand was infused into iOS’s phone cases. With sandy corals, silky sheets and ‘Love Yourself’ slogans, the products channel Therese’s aesthetic. Achingly Instagrammable.

And that’s what happened next - Therese shared images of herself clutching her rose-hued phone cover and gave followers a unique promo code for discount purchases on cases from her collection.


iDeal of Sweden scores second on Social Bakers’ list of most-mentioned brands using the #ad hashtag. Its aesthetic is simple and its on-trend products - which are always in line with what’s hot in fashion and interiors - slip into lifestyle images organically.

This gives iOS an infinite arsenal of influencers to work with, without spending wads of time discussing how photos are going to look. It’s easier to give full creative control when your brand already aligns with an influencer’s aesthetic. It’s even easier when you’ve designed the products especially for said influencer’s feed, as demonstrated by Therese.


With more than 60K likes and a deluge of heart emojis on Therese’s sponsored post, it’s clear the response to this campaign was just what both parties anticipated. With a link to the Therese Lindgren x iDeal of Sweden Collection in the influencer’s bio, starry-eyed followers were able to instantly ‘shop the look’.

The ripple effect of this is that social media users will share their own photos with these covetable phone cases in-shot (perfect excuse for a mirror selfie), boosting brand awareness and influence even further.

Aside from a four-word description, the brand’s bio gives the exact instructions to get featured on the page - by using the #idealofsweden hashtag and tagging @idealofsweden. As said before, everything from the products to the messaging presented are all cleverly designed to create an effortless Insta-hype. And it plays out perfectly.


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