Mobcrush releases a new streaming tool allowing creators to broadcast on multiple platforms at once

Mobcrush releases a new streaming tool allowing creators to broadcast on multiple platforms at once

Mobile tech platform Mobcrush has launched a new live streaming tool for iOS devices.

The platform, Mobcam, offers the ability for creators and influencers to broadcast to all of their social platforms at once. 

Once a creator goes live on Mobcam, the stream will be hosted across all connected accounts, including YouTube, Twitch, Facebook. Twitter, Periscope and more. 

Mobcam also has a unified chat system; a creator can monitor and respond to messages coming in from multiple social platforms using one single dashboard. 

“We created Mobcam to liberate creators in ways that have never before been possible, and the response from our large-scale, pre-launch Beta has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Mobcrush CEO Mike Wann.

“It’s undeniable that Mobcam is a barrier-breaking innovation for creators in the live streaming eco-system.”

A new way to stream

Mobcam has already amassed an aggregate social audience reach of 670 million according to Channel Meter. The platform's extensive pre-launch beta has already seen over 150k creators broadcasting to multiple pages at once. Mobcam was also available for creators to test at VidCon 2018 last week. 

“I’ve been testing the Mobcam app for a few weeks now, and it’s been huge for me in several ways,” said Craig Skistimas, aka CraigSkitz, a live streamer and the co-founder of GameAttack, a popular community within the Let’s Play Network.

“The tech behind the Mobcrush service is way ahead of the curve. The ease of setting up my customized stream and simultaneously reaching all my followers across multiple platforms with a couple of clicks is a total game changer.”

The Mobcam app is available immediately on the Apple App store, with an Android version expected to launch over the summer. 


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