Escapex explains how decentralising social media can give influencers more power

Escapex explains how decentralising social media can give influencers more power

It's not secret that social media is a revolutionary way to market and make money, but it's a highly competitive and saturated space.

There's countless apps trying to outperform one another and secure the best influencers, with the biggest platforms all worming in to each other's space. 

For instance, take Facebook's new gaming destination to rival Twitch, and Instagram's new video platform IGTV that looks set to rival YouTube.

Escapex is taking a different approach to social media. It wants every influencer to have their own social platform. But what sort of opportunities will that give creators?

We spoke to Escapex chief business officer Shamik Talukder about the company's plans to 'decentralise social media' and asked why influencers might look to having their own individual apps and social spaces online. What is Escapex and what services do you offer?
Shamik Talukder: escapex decentralizes social media. It builds, manages and grows white-labeled apps for celebrities and influencers and gives them full control of their fans and content, thus fueling and increasing engagement. We partner with them in their movement from rented condos to private mansions in the social media space.

What are the benefits to every personality having their own separate app?
Ownership and reach. Each personality has complete ownership of their platform and content as well as access to their audience, allowing reach to be 100 per cent since there’s no restriction.

Algorithmic feeds and terms of service limit a number of actions celebrities and influencers would want to take on their other social media sites, but their own separate app allows them to do so.

Fans can also contribute content and be seen more easily through the fan feed, as our patented technology allows for fans to boost their posts for the influencers and celebrities to respond to, fueling real engagement with fans.

The future of marketing will center heavily around branded content that influencers are producing

What excites you about the influencer marketing space?
The influencers create original, unique content and each has their own fan base. The future of marketing will center heavily around the branded content that these influencers are producing and where it’s being delivered.

Technology is enabling and empowering celebrities and influencers to create their own platforms in which the individual will get the maximum returns in a clutter-free environment.

How do you think entertainment industry has changed with the rise of influencers?
Celebrities and influencers are no longer products of a production house or other big entertainment companies. They are independent and what I call “SOME” (Social Media Entrepreneurs). Their rise and ability to generate content that millenials love is completely changing the industry.

Why do you think it important for advertisers and companies to make the most of social influencers as opposed to more traditional celebrities and PR methods?
Social influencers have higher engagement, livelier content and are more engaging. The cost is also lower, while the access is easier.

Is there a particular influencer campaign you can share that had some great results?
A recent promotional campaign between Coca-Cola and Luan Santana: Luan is one of the biggest singer-songwriters in Brazil - he has over 50 million followers on social media, so we used his app on our platform to promote a contest.

Coca-Cola printed his image on cans in Brazil and wanted to bring in his fans to be extras for a commercial. On the app, fans submitted why they deserve to be part of the commercial. Then, we used our patented technology to work out who were the best fans and who deserved to be in the commercial most.

What has Escapex got planned for the next year?
We have launches coming up for some big celebrities, and we plan to continue working with influencers and talent to give them their own platform. You will see a lot of innovation as we aim to change the dynamics of the social media industry and offer an alternative.


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