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Curve Digital announce 'Bryan Cranst' as new Social Media Manager

Curve Digital announce 'Bryan Cranst' as new Social Media Manager

UK publisher Curve Digital has announced 'Indie game developer and saviour of video games' Bryan Cranst as their new social media manager.

For those who require context (all of us) Bryan Cranst is a fictional character created by journalist and YouTuber Simon Miller, intended to be a parody of overzealous game developers. Miller wears a wig and adopts a German accent to accentuate the realness of the character.


Curve released an announcement video on its YouTube channel earlier today.

"Brian Cranst is a fictional indie developer I made up years ago to parody OTT game devs. Today he is real, as he'll now be running Curve Digital's social channels." Miller announced earlier on Twitter.

"To say this is a bold move is an understatement, so please do support!"

Miller himself will presumably be managing Curve's social media channels, under his own parodical alter-ego.

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