Big Twitch streamers hit with ban after DMCA claims

Big Twitch streamers hit with ban after DMCA claims

Some big names in the world of Twitch were hit with 24-hour bans over the weekend as a result of playing copyrighted music on their channels.

Kotaku reports that streamers including xQc, KittyPlays, Sinatraa, Alfie, Castro1021 and Solluminati all suffered day-long bans after being served with Digital Millennium Copyright Act violations, which are more commonly known as DMCA strikes.

It appears as if the strikes came from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry and were associated with the use of a track by Juice Wrld.

KittyPlays was told that as a result of playing the music without permission a temporary freeze was put in place and the video in question deleted.

It's fun to stay at the D-M-C-A

It seems in this instance, however, that the DMCA action was a mistake, with record label Interscope supposedly telling streamer Keemstar that the whole thing was an “accident”. Shortly after this most of the channels in question saw their restrictions lifted.

It is very typical for streamers to have low-volume music playing in the background of their feed, and there is lots of chart stuff to be heard in and around the royalty free music. However, Twitch’s normal action when a copyright claim is made is to mute the offending sections of the video audio.

It’s rare for DMCA claims to actually materialise. Indeed, it’s more common for game publishers to strike down those streaming games without permission, although this too is becoming increasingly uncommon.