Twitch introduces a new version of Drops

Twitch introduces a new version of Drops

Streaming giant Twitch has released a new version of its developer's campaign programme Drops.

As revealed in a blog post, the new design offers developers a new self-service dashboard designed to manage Drops.

"It is a central place where game developers can easily create, configure, launch, and monitor Drops campaigns," said Twitch.

"We've heard that it can be difficult to create and manage campaigns. Now, once the initial integration is complete, anyone on the game developer team can create a Drops campaign, making the ability to create and track campaigns more accessible to all members of a game developer's team."

Dropping changes

Further changes include events-based rules, which gives developers the ability to write rules that will trigger a rewards Drop. They can also reward active viewership with new time-based rules. Moreover, Drops campaigns, rewards and regulations have been updated on the viewer home for Drops too.

"This is just the beginning of what we have planned for Drops. We've built this new version of Drops in a way that allows us to build upon it. We'll be rolling out regular updates to this version to add new features, improve the creator and viewer dashboards, and enhance performance," said Twitch.

Between the start of January and April 30th 2020, Twitch streamers had created 89 per cent more sponsored content.

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