New Buzzoka study names Instagram the primary choice for brands

New Buzzoka study names Instagram the primary choice for brands

The new second edition of Buzzoka’s Influencer Marketing Outlook has landed, with insights into 2019's influencer landscape.

The annual report gathers data from a number of sources related to companies and social media influencers online, gaining insight into the way brands connect with their chosen audience. The report worked with over 500 brands and found Instagram was the most popular platform for influencer marketing.

The report also gives a very interesting look into the influencer marketing ecosystem of India. Some of the important details include that 69 per cent of brands spend nearly $50,000 per year on influencer marketing campaigns, while another 27 per cent of brands choose to spend upwards of $1 million per year.

In addition, 77 percent of those same brands see Instagram as a primary choice for influencer marketing, while only 54 percent look at Facebook instead.

Market growth

“We are glad to unveil the second annual report highlighting the substantial facts that are driving the market growth, said Buzzoka co-founder Ashutosh Harbola.

"Influencer marketing has never been more important with the years passing by. Consumers continue to trust word of mouth versus other forms of marketing… Being a key player in the industry, backed by the passionate team of experts, we are really optimistic that influencer marketing has the potential to grow manifolds in the coming years.”

Buzzoka’s report also provided information that predicted the top three platforms for influencer marketing in 2019. These platforms in successive order were Instagram, LinedIn, and TikTok. Because of the continued success of influencer marketing, many different brands continue to invest in the platforms in hopes of reaching more consumers online through the same means.

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