Buzzoka unveils new nano influencer program to help brands find cost-effective creators

Buzzoka unveils new nano influencer program to help brands find cost-effective creators

Indian influencer marketing platform Buzzoka has launched a nano influencer program, designed to engage smaller creators.

Buzzoka is the first agency in South-East Asia to focus on nano-influencers, a low-cost, high-engagement alternative to famous creators or celebrities.

With over 150 top brands under its wing, Buzzoka wants to connect companies with the right influencers in order to create promotional campaigns fueled by word of mouth.

“We are constantly trying to bridge the gap of trustworthiness between brands and their target consumers," said Buzzoke CEO and co-founder Ashutosh Harbola.

"Connecting to the audience through nano influencers is a more direct and personal approach. Currently, in Asia, these influencers do not have a lot of traction because they are not considered as commercially feasible.

"But we have a fresh view of influencer marketing as we see a surplus potential in common people connected to social media websites. It’s a logical progression!”

The rise of nano

Nano influencers are proving to be a serious new trend in influencer marketing. While their general audience numbers are lower, they can generate huge engagement and purchases by being so connected to their communities. They also charge a lot less than influencers with large followings.

Vamp CEO Aaron Brooks recently spoke about the power of nano-influencers, stating that they "might not generate record-breaking stats, but they will attract genuine prospective customers to see authentic experiences with your brand."


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