A 'Fyre Festival 2.0' is taking place in Liverpool with a 'VIP experience' that'll set you back £250k

A 'Fyre Festival 2.0' is taking place in Liverpool with a 'VIP experience' that'll set you back £250k

According to online ticket vendor Skiddle, a spiritual successor to Fyre Festival is taking place later this month.

Dubbed 'Fyre Festival 2.0', the event will take place on Wednesday 27th February at 24 Kitchen Street, in Liverpool, UK.

The event has been labeled as 'tongue-in-cheek' and we have a sneaking suspicion that this is merely a parody of the shamed festival that took place on a private Bahamian island in 2017. 


Fyre Festival's gruesome tale was explored in-depth in a recent Netflix documentary. It detailed how festival organisers Jeffrey 'Ja Rule' Atkins and Billy McFarland threw together an overly ambitious party which resulted in a pure nightmare for guests and crew alike.

However, while Billy McFarland is now in prison for multiple counts of fraud, Atkins is taking inspiration from the failed fest. In a recent interview with TMZ, he did state that a real Fyre Festival 2 could be on the cards.

"I’m not ashamed of Fyre at all. Because man, the idea, it was brilliant. It was fucking beyond brilliant … It was amazing, but it wasn’t what I dreamed it of being, and what I envisioned of it being, and what I wanted it to be. It wasn’t done properly," Atkins said.

Tickets are priced between at £11.20 for a group of 4 and £5.60 for a 'gold pass'. However, if you're craving that authentic Fyre Festival disappointment, there's an exclusive VIP ticket available for a casual £250,030. 

The pricey entry will earn 'unlimited bottles of Evian' for you and your guests. Tickets for Fyre Festival 2.0 can be purchased from Skiddle's website. We're not sure who is responsible for this UK based event or what it'll offer, other than the promise of 'models and sand' advertised at the bottom of the event page.


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