Fullscreen research demonstrates how branded social content can positively impact offline sales

Fullscreen research demonstrates how branded social content can positively impact offline sales

Entertainment giant Fullscreen has teamed up with analytics platforms Shareablee and IRI to prove that branded content has a positive effect on product sales.

Fullscreen's study measured three different campaigns across different sectors: beauty, beverage, and food. It then looked at the social media exposure and offline CPG sales of each campaign. 

The study that revealed that consumers exposed to advertised content bought featured CPG products at a higher rate (anywhere between 1.5 - 5.2 per cent. 

Alongside that, the group of exposed consumers that engaged with social posts regarding a product experienced a 58 per cent higher sales lift than those who hadn't engaged with it online at all.

Staying invested

Measuring ROI is a constant struggle for marketers. In a recent eMarketer study, 97 per cent of marketing respondents said ROI/ROMI keeps them up at night. 

“CMOs have had their backs against the wall recently, trying in vain to truly measure the ROI from social content campaigns," said Fullscreen Brand Studio GM Maureen Polo.

“This is the first research of its kind that gives CMOs and brands overall the proof to move forward boldly with branded social engagement, knowing that it does indeed lead to higher sales ROI when looking at both offline and online behaviour."

The takeaway from these results is that while social content is measured purely by its impact online, brands should feel assured that the social clout is resonating with offline purchases too. Check out Fullscreen's blog post regarding the study here.


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