German Instagram influencer jailed for carrying out illegal cosmetic procedures

German Instagram influencer jailed for carrying out illegal cosmetic procedures

A German influencer has been jailed for four years after performing cosmetic treatments illegally. 

The 29-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, confessed to injecting hyaluronic acid as "filler" into at least 35 women.

The acid was used as a "filler" to enhance women's noses and lips. While it is commonly used as a temporary dermal filler, the influencer carried out the procedures without basic measures in place.

Between 2017 and April 2019, the woman advertised her service via her Instagram page, which reportedly had amassed over 100,000 followers. The procedures were priced between 300 and 450 euros.

A spokesperson at the district court in Bochum, Michael Rehaag, explained that the first rounds of procedures were carried out in the woman's living room, before moving into public locations. Rehaag mentioned a hotel suite "where one room was used as a treatment room and the other as a waiting room for clients,"

"The presiding judge said that the term 'hygiene ordinance' was an unknown to the woman. Basic measures in this area which are absolutely necessary and unavoidable have been disregarded here -- such as wearing gloves, wearing a surgical mask, using disinfectants.

"Many of her clients later complained of complications after their procedures, which ranged from swelling and dents."

The woman was pregnant at the time of her sentencing and will be granted temporary leave to give birth to her child before returning to serve the rest. She was also ordered to repay around $73,000 in unpaid taxes. Additionally, the woman's cousin is currently under fire for similar charges.


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