Warner Bros. reveals huge Machinima rebrand

Warner Bros. reveals huge Machinima rebrand

The age of old MCN's may be behind us, and that is heavily supported by Machinima's latest reveal. 

Warner Bros. has unveiled a rebrand of Machinima after spending just over a year integrating the studio into its Digital Networks division.

Machinima general manager Russell Arons debuted a sleek new Machinima logo and a renewed focus on primarily serving content to the gaming community.

Machinima (as its name suggests) was initially set up as a platform to showcase machinima as an art form on YouTube. The company later ravamped and became a multi-channel network in 2010. In November 2016, Warner Bros. absorbed Machinima, making it a wholly owned subsidiary of Warner Bros. Digital Networks.

Speaking to Hollywood Report, Arons said "the gaming community is an area that is, especially for Warner Bros., a prime target."

"The motivation for our rebrand is that we are really positioning ourselves to be at the intersection of gaming culture and entertainment."

Rolling with the times

This is Machinima's second rebrand in less than four years. Aron's focus has been to bring Machinima back to its gaming roots - launching a 24/7 channel on Twitch and creating a new series of live e-sports tournaments, Body Count Fighting, focused on fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

Machinima is also producing programming for a variety of platforms, including Verizon's go90, Amazon Video Direct and Facebook Watch. Arons also suggests that Machinima will reveal some new projects that will fit into the larger WBDN ecosystem.

"We're doing what just about every MCN is doing and having to look at what is the right size of that network," Aron says.

"With so many of the changes coming out of YouTube, how do you insure safety for your brand partners? We have been doing a deep dive to understand every one of our channels and think about how it is fitting into our vision for our talent network."


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