Machinima launches 24-hour channel on Twitch

Machinima launches 24-hour channel on Twitch

Multi-channel network Machinima is trying something new on Amazon’s Twitch platform: a 24-hour TV-style channel.

The channel will broadcast videos and shows from Machinima’s catalogue of productions, taking in games, animation and digital culture.

Machinima says it will also broadcast two hours of live content every day. Variety reported that this will include shows called VR Power Hour, Spacebar and Games With Shibby.

The first of those will feature an array of influencers testing out VR games and apps, while Games With Shibby stars YouTube gamer Shibby2142.

The news comes a year after Machinima was acquired by Hollywood studio Warner Bros at a reported valuation of $100m. The company claims to reach more than 145 million viewers a month across the platforms it operates on.

This is also the second launch of a 24-hour channel on Twitch this week, following cult-video service Cinedigm.

“By making their videos available 24/7 with a constant influx of new content, it’s going to make their channel even more compelling for both new and existing fans,” said Twitch’s director of business development Jane Weedon.

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