Machinima removes all videos from YouTube and goes silent

Machinima removes all videos from YouTube and goes silent

Machinima, one of YouTube’s oldest and largest channels since the platform’s beginnings, has abruptly removed most of its uploads on their channel.

The move was noticed by users on social media after people began commenting on how some of the channel’s most popular videos had suddenly vanished. This comes shortly after the announcement that Machinima has been sold to multi-channel network Fullscreen Media.

Speaking with The Verge after the acquisition, a Fullscreen representative stated that the company wasn’t commenting on the matter at this time, but did say that “both Fullscreen and Otter Media (Fullscreen’s parent company) have a lot of great stuff coming down the pipeline over the next few months,”

“In the meantime, the Machinima network of creator channels continues to showcase the talents of the network. As part of this focus on new content, we have pivoted from distributing content on a handful of legacy operated channels.”

No other information was given on whether Machinima’s videos will remain on the channel or not. The Fullscreen representative also stated

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A number of Machinima Creators received news about the company via an email sent by Fullscreen’s general manager, Beau Bryant. Some former Machinima creators shared the email to Twitter, which stated that the team at Fullscreen is “going to great lengths ‘behind-the-scenes’ to ensure a smooth and efficient transition.” Those who saw the letter once news broke gave their opinions over social media, with a variety of concerns about everything happening.

Very little concrete information about the whole situation is known at the moment. Outside of the few statements given, Fullscreen and Machinima reps have not explained why the content is now unavailable.

Twitch streamer Scott Fisher summed up many of the feelings about this in a tweet stating: “I echo everything my friends & former Machinima employees have said about this shitty situation… can’t say I’m surprised by it though…”

Machinima was one of the earlier multi-channel networks where popular creators got their start, which marks the end of an era for some who’ve been on the platform for a long time.

At the start of 2018, Machinima unveiled a huge rebrand, with a sleek new logo and a "new focus" on serving content to the gaming community. 

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