Tankee creates online destination for kids to watch gaming videos safely

Tankee creates online destination for kids to watch gaming videos safely

In an age where more kids are online than ever before, it's important that they're protected.

Tankee is taking steps to provide that service, with a new mobile app aimed at children between the ages of six and 12. 

The app will only show content that has been approved as suitable for that age range, and nothing else. Tankee's approval system is handled entirely by real people as oppose to an AI function. 

Safety first

With a roster of popular creators lined up already, Tankee aims to bring popular titles such as Minecraft, Roblox and Rocket League to the eyes of kids, without the dangers of bad content slipping through the cracks.

Roblox was recently under fire after a slew of videos featuring players performing sex acts were unearthed on YouTube. 

Creators involved with Tankee include CutePlay, JeromeASF, NyteOwl, Speedy, Thinknoodles and ThnxCya. All of the above are already creating content aimed at children.

“Parents are faced with a false choice of having to shut down access for their children or accepting the ills of the Internet at large and they shouldn’t have to choose,” said Tankee CEO Gerald Youngblood, in a statement.

“A solution needs to exist that’s built with kids in mind and that’s why we created Tankee. We want kids to be able to enjoy the art and fun of gaming without parents being worried about what their kids may see next.”

Super awesome

The company has also partnered with SuperAwesome, a leading name in the kid tech space. This gives Tankee the option to run ads on the platform while ultilising SuperAwesome's age-appropriate advertising tool.

SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins added: “the digital media landscape is being fundamentally reshaped by the under-13 audience,"

“In response, we are seeing the emergence of new platforms like Tankee designed specifically with kids in mind, encompassing safety and responsibility with entertainment and engagement. We’re incredibly excited to support their launch and growth."


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