YouTuber Max Key discusses how social media can be a detriment to mental wellbeing

YouTuber Max Key discusses how social media can be a detriment to mental wellbeing

Mental health is becoming a larger topic of conversation among creative spaces, and rightly so. 

In a recent video, New Zealand based vlogger Max Key addresses the serious topic of mental illnesses, suicide and the impact that social media can have on this. 

Key is the son of New Zealand's former Prime Minister - Sir John Philip Key. He's also a part time presenter for NZ based radio station, George FM.

Before covering anything on this topic, the 23 year old made it very clear that he is no professional expertise in this area. He then pinpointed the official statistics of New Zealand’s suicide rate, with it's largest figure falling into the age 20-24 bracket.

Talking about this, Key said that “people are posting only the perfect elements of their lives, you know these photos are edited, often planned and they’re portraying a life and lifestyle that may not actually be an accurate reflection of the life that they’re living.”

Social pressure

The creator focused on how much social media can mentally affect users. These social media platforms put large amounts of pressure on the users, especially the younger generations.

“It’s very easy on social media to create this expectation on yourself that you have to be happy all the time, that your life has to be perfect …in reality that’s not life.”

Many people have responded to the video praising Key for speaking up about this important topic and bringing more attention to the seriousness of the effect social media can have.

One person commented, “credit to you for addressing the biggest elephant in the room for us guys.”

If you are concerned for your mental wellbeing or someone else’s then you can approach help through your GP or local mental health provider. There is a number of global hotlines for mental health support and suicide prevention

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