Fortnite might be the biggest game in the world, but its still not the biggest game on YouTube

Fortnite might be the biggest game in the world, but its still not the biggest game on YouTube

Unless you've been livinig under a rock since christmas, you're probably familiar with Fortnite.

Epic's battle royale title has made quite the undeniable impact since its launch just over a year ago. A reported 125 million players worldwide is just the start of the Fortnite craze. 

Streamers are rising to new heights with the game, and Fortnite has enjoyed a long stay at the top of YouTube and Twitch's most viewed lists.

However, while Fortnite has completely taken over the western world, the game isn't actually taking off in every country. According to YouTube Gaming's Ryan Wyatt, Fortnite hasn't quite dethroned the survival behemoth that is Minecraft.

“Fortnite has certainly been a massive contributor to the growth on gaming [but] Minecraft is still our biggest game globally,” Wyatt said.

“Fortnite has not taken off in every single market.”

Unrivalled growth

While Wyatt may be the authority on YouTube's all time views, studies show that Fortnite has enjoyed a significant rise on the platform this past year, while Minecraft has slowly declined.

A study from Matchmade shows the two games alongside each other. Fortnite's battle royale mode launched last September and by February, it'd already surpassed Minecraft in monthly views.

But its important to remember that Minecraft still had that initial 5.6 billion views before Fortnite had even taken off. Not only that, but Minecraft has been leading the charge on YouTube for almost eight years, which meant Fortnite had a lot of catching up to do.

Additionally, the graph shows that Fortnite has also been on the decline since May. Not only that, but it looks to be falling faster than Minecraft too. Should that trend continue, Fortnite could fall back under Minecraft by the end of the year.

So while Fortnite's rise and impact on the world has been nothing short of meteoric, data from the past year suggests that its success could be temporary, while Minecraft is waiting for The Storm to blow over.



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