Patreon introduces tiered price plans for its creators

Patreon introduces tiered price plans for its creators

This week, Patreon announced that it is stepping back from its one size fits all pricing to make way for a multi-tiered payment system.

Nothing will change for existing users already part of Patreon, but the changes will affect anyone who signs up with Patreon moving forward. Patreon is also standardising its payment-processing fees and introducing a new set rate for small donor transactions.

New tiers

For new creators, there will be two plans to choose from. A Lite plan with one membership tier, where all your members pay the same amount every month, and a Pro plan, which offers membership tiers, analytics, app integrations and much more.

Patreon will keep 5 per cent of any membership fees from creators on the Lite plan, while the Pro plan will have Patreon take 9 per cent, with both plans needing creators to pay a processing fee for transactions. Creators also need to be bringing in over $300 a month to be eligible for this tier.

“Patreon has grown a lot, we have really different types of creators. It was almost like we tried to speak to 2 audiences in the same way, and it wasn’t working," Patreon senior VP for product Wyatt Jenkins said, speaking to Variety.

"What we are saying to the market with this move is: We are going to stay independent."

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