Reddit and Patreon partner up to help creators grow their communities

Reddit and Patreon partner up to help creators grow their communities

Membership platform Patreon has teamed up with online community giant Reddit to help creators develop their fanbases.

Patreon now gives creators the option to integrate Reddit into their profiles. Patrons can connect their Patreon and Reddit accounts and gain a special flair inside a creator's community or subreddit. 

This option also provides a quick link for people in a creator's Reddit community to sign up and become a Patron. In turn, a creator's Patreon page will feature a quick link to their Reddit page or community. The integration is currently being tested among a handful of creators and is expected to roll out at the end of the month.

Connecting communities

Reddit is the fifth most visited site in the US, and is fabled for its ability to bring communities of all shapes and sizes together. It boasts over 330 million monthly users and 138k active communities.

“The reward system is inherent to the Reddit experience - upvotes and downvotes have been part of our system of community moderation since the earliest days,” Reddit wrote in a blog post.

“With the Patreon integration, we’re excited to foster the growth and health of fan communities through a new suite of recognition and rewards.”

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