Asia has five of YouTube’s biggest markets

Asia has five of YouTube’s biggest markets

Asia is home to five of YouTube’s biggest markets when it comes to user viewing time.

Speaking to CNBC, YouTube Asia Pacific regional director Ajay Vidyasagar said the most popular countries include India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.

“All of them have year-on-year growth levels that are very high double digits, or, in some cases, triple digits annual growth... Mobile consumption, actually, really started showing up as a game-changer from this region,” said Vidyasagar.

YouTube has an immense amount of users every day, with billions of people logging onto the platform worldwide. Many users check out YouTube videos over mobile devices, which has become a huge factor in driving up the number of active users.

“Over the last few years, what we’ve seen in markets like India is truly astounding… India today has nearly 85 per cent of its volume consumed through mobile devices,” said Vidyasagar.

“We, last year, saw nearly a very, very high triple digit growth on mobile, on top of that very high volume.”

With so many people using the platform so often, YouTube utilizes a variety of tools to detect and address controversial or offensive content. This includes artificial intelligence, which helps patrol YouTube and flags content deemed inappropriate.

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