What are the highest-earning YouTube and TikTok genres?

What are the highest-earning YouTube and TikTok genres?

Ever wondered which type of content is making the most money across YouTube and TikTok? Look no further.

A new study from has unveiled the top-earning genres and trends across two of the biggest video content platforms right now.

Over on YouTube, the highest-earning genre is children's entertainment. Despite YouTube's consistent run-ins with the FTC over child protection laws and a $170m fine, the platform is rewarding content directed at young people.

The children's entertainment genre is followed by comedy in second place and lifestyle/vlogging in third. YouTube's other genres don't even come close to the top three.

According to the data, it is estimated that the highest-earning YouTube channel brings in a cool $569,112 per video. The channel belongs to 16-year-old Joelle Joanie "JoJo" Siwa and her 10.9 million subscribers.

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TikTok trends

Meanwhile on TikTok, the genre reeling in the stacks is lip-syncing. The highest-earner on TikTok is 17-year-old Loren Gray, and according to this data, she earns up to $197,500 per video. Gray also ran a marketing campaign with Chipotle last year, which you can read about over here

TikTok also boasts a young userbase, and it also clashed with the FTC over child protection complaints back in 2018. The platform was slapped with an eye-watering fine, but has subsequently shifted to protect young people using the app. 

Lip-syncing is followed by dancing in second and acting in third, but the graph isn't as aggressive as YouTube's genres. TikTok is also still growing exponentially, seeing a recording-breaking number of installs in February. The content on TikTok is far more fluid than YouTube, and trends shift a lot faster there.

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