Almost half of marketers want total control over sponsored influencer posts, according to study

Almost half of marketers want total control over sponsored influencer posts, according to study

45 per cent of marketers want complete creative control over sponsored content, according to the latest study from influencer marketing service, Takumi.

The study took a dive into the current state of the influencer marketing space to unveil what marketers and consumers want and need. It focuses on four key themes: legislation, authenticity, influence & trust, and creativity & control. Over 4000 consumers, marketers and influencers were surveyed. 

55 per cent of German marketers and 39 per cent of US & UK marketers feel as though they should have total control over a post that they've sponsored, including visual presentation and captioning. Alongside this, half of marketers also wish for industry guidelines to be developed further.

Additionally, only 46 per cent of the influencers surveyed said they would trust a brand to work fairly with them.  

On the consumer end, 62 per cent of respondents stated they would unfollow an influencer if a post was found to be labeled incorrectly. Only 34 per cent of consumers said that an influencer has encouraged a purchase in the last six months.

The study also found that 72 per cent of consumers will unfollow an influencer with disingenuous endorsements in their content. 69 per cent will unfollow if they see promotion of unrealistic beauty standards, and 68 per cent will leave if the influencer has purchased fake followers.

Transparency and honesty

 “Over the course of 2019, the influencer marketing industry has come under increasing scrutiny, and trust among consumers, brands and influencers across the world is being put to the test," said Takumi CEO Adam Williams.

“Influencers continue to directly inform consumer purchasing behaviour, but consumers are increasingly savvy. Through this research, consumers have made it clear what wins their trust, and what they value; transparency, authenticity, honesty.

“Marketers must take a proactive and responsible role in educating about and enforcing correctly labelled ads. Developing and upholding regulations is a shared responsibility.

This will require good communication with influencers, many of whom are struggling with opaque briefs. Influencers are asking for greater clarity but also want creative licence and the partnerships that can successfully achieve this will be the real winners.”


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