Influencer marketing platform Takumi will no longer use follower counts as a measure of success

Influencer marketing platform Takumi will no longer use follower counts as a measure of success

When it comes to hiring influencers, there's a common misconception that more followers will equate to more success. 

However, influencer marketing firm Takumi thinks otherwise. Instead of focusing on followers alone, the company is paying more attention to engagement and impressions generated by an influencer's content.

Counting followers alone is no longer an accurate way to measure cost per mile (CPM). The space is rife with influencers buying fake followers to boost their social profiles. 

It's also estimated that only 25 per cent of an influencer's overall following will actually see a post, leaving marketers wondering what the other 75 per cent of their investment is going towards.

Accurate measurement

"This transparency is key, and with our new model fraud will not just be filtered out, but influencers with more accurate demographic targeting will be prioritised and priced according to campaign specifications," said Takumi CEO and co-founder Solberg Audunsson.

"This means activations can be tailored to be as relevant as possible, giving brands a new level of assurance. There’s no mystery surrounding who they’ve reached, and it’s much more closely aligned with traditional media and the metrics marketers rely on."

Takumi has had its finger on the pulse of influencer marketing for a while. Last year, it conducted a study into the longevity of the business, deciding that working with social media personalities isn't an 'over-hyped fad'.


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