How to market during the season of rampant marketing

How to market during the season of rampant marketing

Welcome to the most competitive advertising time of the year.

John Lewis drops another blisteringly heartwarming campaign for mums across the UK to sob oceans into tins of Celebrations over, Coca-Cola’s familiar whispery jingle locks itself to our grey matter, and Sainsbury’s might as well move in.

How do you win hearts and wallets, when everyone has dialled the festive promotions up to 11? There’s no miracle method, but these tried-and-tested Christmas marketing tips will give you a less stressful December, for sure.

Here’s how to sleigh the competition and reach the right eyes, so you can spend more time eating mince pies.

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  • Give your branding a little brandy

    Give your branding a little brandy logo

    Okay, not literally. But do inject ample dosings of festive flair to it, without being shameless and forgetting about your brand identity itself.

    It’s what Starbucks excels at - giving customers that Christmassy twinge as far back as November with the arrival of its Santa-red cups. ’Tis not the season until those ruby vessels are here, evoking the holy trio of customer emotions: excitement, nostalgia and Instagram-worthy snapshots. Because let’s face it, the coffee’s crap.

  • Deliver a sackful of emotions

    Deliver a sackful of emotions logo

    If you can get customers to go all soft focus with your storytelling, you’re onto a winner winner turkey dinner.

    But that doesn’t mean make them cry. Actually, it pays more to bring laughter into your marketing - just look at John Lewis’ joyous ‘Buster the dog’ ad in 2016.

    From Facebook ads to product descriptions, avoid functional, black-and-white text and tell stories about your brand instead. Celebrating the joy of giving and togetherness is much more important than price and rational buying during the festive season.

    Consider this in your content - focus on feelings and make your marketing appeal to those Christmas creature comforts.

  • Hire social media stars

    Hire social media stars logo

    Let’s face it, you’re not going to nab Elton John for your December marketing bonanza. But finding the right influencer - whether they’re a local blogger or well-known celebrity - can really help glue the usual indifferent eyeballs to your brand.

    Amazon’s ‘Prime for the Holidays’ campaign in 2016 is a clever example of this - working with influencers such as Alex Wassabi and Ingrid Nilsen, the retailer demonstrated exactly what they could give Christmas shoppers in a way that appealed to the influencers’ followers organically.

    It makes sense: potential customers spend all year following influencers they admire and respect. If they start endorsing their favourite brands for Christmas, consumers are going to sit up, listen and take action.

    Cliché but classic

    Perhaps your brand could create a ’12 Days of Christmas’ campaign, using influencers to promote a different deal every day to their invested fans and followers. Play on exclusivity, highlighting important products (especially limited edition items) and creating a sense of urgency.

    On the other hand, exclusivity isn’t everything. Most of the world are wondering what to buy that special someone for Christmas, which is why festive wishlists and hauls are huge on Youtube.

    This 2018 Christmas wishlist by beauty blogger Lilly Mae has already had well over 50K views. Send an influencer a free gift to feature in one of these vlogs and you’re putting your product in the perfect place at the right time - when customers are actively searching for gift inspiration.

  • Be a charitable Christmas angel

    Be a charitable Christmas angel logo

    In fear of sounding like the evil corporate boss in Santa Claus: The Movie: it pays to be charitable.

    However, that doesn’t mean hiring Dudley Moore the elf and delivering toys for free to children across the globe and shamelessly bragging about it.

    Choose a cause your brand can genuinely help out with - whether it’s an event for the homeless or donating a percentage of profits to a local charity. Christmas is a time for giving and customers will feel better about giving money to your brand if it contributes to a worthwhile cause. Just remember to be graceful and positive with the promotion.

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