Startup Muvi wants to connect musicians with Instagram influencers

Startup Muvi wants to connect musicians with Instagram influencers

The latest company hoping to boost the income of social influencers is New York startup Muvi, which is focusing on the music world.

The company hasn't yet launched, but its profile on investment website AngelList provides some details on its plans to charge musicians a monthly subscription fee to help them explore influencer marketing on Instagram.

"Music artists pay an affordable subscription fee for as low as $12.99/month to have access to a vetted opt-in network of social influencers," explained the company.

"Artists can search by pricing, influencer's preference of music and type of collaboration an influencer offers."

Note, the $12.99 is only for access to this database of micro-influencers on Instagram: actually paying them to promote the artist and their music will be a separate transaction.

Muvi has outlined some of the ways it thinks influencers will be able to promote musicians.

"This can be as simple as an influencer shouting out an artists' music on their Instagram story which is viewed on average 20,000 times per story or it can be a fitness guru posting a workout video with your song to his 150k followers and shouting out your music in his or her caption," pitched Muvi.

"We allow for various collaborations to help new artists market and promote their music to new people."

While Muvi is launching with a music focus, if its service proves popular, it's possible to imagine it expanding to other categories including gaming. However, there is hardly a shortage of other agencies and middlemen offering similar databases of influencers, so competition is fierce.

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