YouTube star Kwebbelkop releases his own game on Steam and mobile

YouTube star Kwebbelkop releases his own game on Steam and mobile

Popular YouTube gamer Jordi 'Kwebbelkop' Maxim van den Bussche has released his own game for PC and mobile.

'Impossible Runner' is a tough-as-nails platforming runner; players progress by dodging and jumping over incoming obstacles.

The game is heavily inspired by the likes of 'The Impossible Game'. 

New ventures

"On my YouTube channel I play games all the time. I wanted to know what it was like to make a game from scratch so I made one." Jordi told 

"I followed a tutorial from a YouTuber on how to make a game. After having a very basic Unity game I decided to keep on adding things untill I had created a 3D version of "the impossible game"

"Being on the game dev side of things this time instead of playing someone else's is a lot of fun. I can't wait to make more games and learn even more."

The game is now available to download on Steam, iOS and Google Play. The title also hit number 8 in Google Play's trending arcade games category yesterday. 

Jordi also told us that he's working on three more projects with other game devs, and to expect at least two more releases this year.

Kwebbelkop has been rising fast over the past couple of years, closing in on an astounding 8 million subscribers. He also spoke at Pocket Gamer Connects London, sharing insight from the perspective of a YouTuber. 


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