Media Smart recruits content creators to create educational influencer marketing resource

Media Smart recruits content creators to create educational influencer marketing resource

Media Smart, the advertising education programme, has launched an educational programme to educate children on the commercial links between creator and audience.

As a result it has created a film for PSHE teaching aimed at 11-14-year-old students. A preview of the film is available here

The film resourse has been developed the education insight firm EdComs, and will feature a number of content creators including Hannah Witton, Luke Cutforth, Hannah Snow, Kamo Mafokwane, Noah Adams and Kelsey Ellison.

All of these creators have volunteered time to discuss influencer marketing, why brands utilise it, and the current regulations surrounding it as created by the ASA. Further topics explored by the films show how to critically evaluate content, how to identify paid material, and the use of airbrushing.

Full disclosure

Recently the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) investigated Instagram influencer Sophie Hinchcliffe following concerns of poor disclosure, and actress, and former radio host Jameela Jamil discussing the social negatives of utilising airbrushing.

“Social influencers are an increasing presence in young people’s lives and have a positive role to play in advising and sharing their experiences with their followers," YouTuber and author Hannah Witton said, regarding the programme.

"But with that growing presence comes an important responsibility to help children identify whether what they are seeing is an advert or not. This is even more critical when it comes to crucial issues like body image and promoting body positivity.

"It may not always be obvious if influencers have used airbrushing or filters on the images they post of themselves. Young people need to be educated about this and understand what they see isn’t always real.”

Students will explore and evaluate the purpose and techniques of influencer marketing, with the outcome of which to build digital and media literacy.

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