1.8 billion people log in to watch YouTube each month

1.8 billion people log in to watch YouTube each month

YouTube has a reported 1.8 registered users watching videos on the platform every month, according to CEO Susan Wojcicki. 

The announcement was made at YouTube's Brandcast presentation yesterday. That number is an improvement from the 1.5 billion logged users reported in June 2017

Wojcicki also highlighted some of YouTube's other impressive milestones, such as the 'Despacito' music video surpassing five billion views, and Beyoncé's Coachella performance bringing in 41 million viewers on to a livestream. 

We're working on it

Some of YouTube's less positive developments were also mentioned at the presentation. Wojcicki took time to address problems over inappropriate children's videos and offensive content appearing on the platform.

“This is the impact of an open platform: it brings the world together in ways that were just not possible before. But we’ve also seen that with openness comes challenges, as some have tried to take advantage of our services,” Wojcicki said.

“It is incredibly important to me and to everyone at YouTube that we grow responsibly.”

YouTube is working on ways to counter the aforementioned issues. The platform recently introduced an option to YouTube Kids which lets parents filter out content that hasn't been approved by human eyes. Wojcicki has also previously said that YouTube will hire 10,000 content moderators

Wojcicki also said she feels it's critical that YouTube "stays on the right of history". 

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