Caffeine releases digital monetisation system for broadcasters

Caffeine releases digital monetisation system for broadcasters

Rising streaming platform Caffeine has released a new monetisation system that will allow creators to earn money while they stream.

Fans can now purchase a platform-based currency called Caffeine Gold, which they can use to purchase digital items to gift to streamers. Items range from hearts, medallions, to health potions.

These items don't interrupt the broadcast like adverts do, but aim to provide a fun way for fans to support and interact with their favourite creators.

Caffeine will then reward streamers with credits based on the items they are gifted over the course of a stream. Creators can then request to cash out the credits for actual money.

The new system is in a pre-release state, but is available to every single Caffeine streamer regardless of follower count or popularity. 

Speaking to, Caffeine CEO Ben Keighran said: "unlike the revenue models of other streaming services, our system is open to everyone. You do not need to be a special Caffeine partner to earn money or use digital items, and your content is not exclusive to Caffeine. All you need to do is sign up and start broadcasting."

The monetisation option doesn't stop at creators. Game developers or publishers can now earn a portion of the revenue if a creator is playing their game.

Making money

While Caffeine Gold presents a new fun way for fans to donate one off amounts to streamers, the real gold is being able to create a sustainable revenue stream. 

"Right now we're really excited about digital items and the possibilities around them, and we believe that this approach can be completely sustainable." Keighran said.

"The recent Huya IPO has proven that. Since content is delivered in real-time, there's some really cool things we can do that are additive to the experience and don't interrupt the content the way ads do. We want fans and viewers to become part of the broadcast and the action, and digital items are a great way to do that."

Allowing just about anyone to monetise their content on a platform feels rather disconcerting, however Keighran assured us that Caffeine will remain a safe space for creators and fans alike.

"Caffeine is committed to creating a non-toxic and safe environment for broadcasters and their viewers. We already have a number of systems in place to ensure that inappropriate content does not find it's way onto the platform, and we're constantly improving and building upon these systems." He added. 

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