Caffeine founder Ben Keighran: "We've re-imagined the livestreaming experience for creators and influencers"

Caffeine founder Ben Keighran:  "We've re-imagined the livestreaming experience for creators and influencers"

Last week, streaming service Caffeine revealed a new social broadcasting platform, along with tools to create and share content.

Caffeine is a completely reimagined broadcasting platform. It is social, real-time, more personal and requires no third-party software or plug-ins. Content on the platform is recommended by what you and your friends are watching. 

Viewers simply connect their Facebook or Twitter accounts to the platform and they're good to go.

We spoke with one of Caffeine's founders - ex-Apple TV Design Lead Ben Keighran - to capture his personal vision for the platform, and to uncover what Caffeine can provide in such a competitive market. What can Caffeine offer creators and influencers that they can't find on other platforms?
Ben Keighran: There are three key differences that create a completely re-imagined and wildly better experience for creators and influencers.

First, we've created our own broadcasting tools that make creating content 1-click and require no set up. The tools are built with the platform, not an afterthought, which leads to a vastly better experience.

Secondly, every broadcast is in 100% real-time with no delay. This allows for the most natural social interaction around the content. For example, people are welcomed when they join a broadcast instantly, or get an instant response to their comment.

Finally, Caffeine has a people-centric discovery and consumption experience. You get into the content based on who you follow. You can see what they are watching or broadcasting. The comments are filtered for each user, based on social signal, which allows us to create the world's most friendly and personal experience for live broadcasting.

Who is the platform for? Aimed at rising stars rather than already established personalities?
At the start, we are focused on casual creators and rising stars. That said, we have plenty of established people like Terry Crews and iJustine, who are already using the platform and are excited by the better experience we offer.

Can creators successfully monetise their content on Caffeine?
Not yet. They will be able to later in the year and not through ads and/or subscriptions. We have some new and powerful ways to monetize content that won’t get in the way of the content and experience. Stay tuned for more details.

Will Caffeine offer support to those who want to move over to the platform, but are struggling to move their community?
Yes. For those creators and influencers, I recommend connecting with us via [email protected].

Other sites like YouTube and Twitch have been caught up in controversies over the content they put out - such as what content creators might show or say. How will Caffeine try and prevent this and what are the penalties?

We have a number of human-powered and engineering-powered solutions in place. Caffeine is a social platform and users get into, or discover, the content based on who they follow.

Between the product decisions we’ve made as well as the many human and engineering solutions we have in place, Caffeine is a much safer, friendlier and fun place to enjoy live entertainment.


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