Dr Disrespect and Shroud receive custom PUBG skins after threats to leave the game 'for good'

Dr Disrespect and Shroud receive custom PUBG skins after threats to leave the game 'for good'

Popular Twitch streamers Dr Disrespect and Shroud have had their hissy fits endorsed with a pair of custom PUBG weapon skins. 

Guy 'Dr Disrespect' Beahm offered PUBG developer Bluehole an ultimatum of sorts after threatening to stop playing the game on Twitch. He demanded that he recieve a custom skin inside PUBG or he was done with the title 'for good'. 

Beahm has become increasingly frustrated with PUBG, often commenting on issues with servers, bugs and in-game glitches. His rage peaked a couple of weeks ago; after being killed in a round of the battle royale title he proceeded to smash up his chair and call PUBG a "garbage ass game". 

Good little developers

Bluehole was swift to meet Dr Dissy's demands and has now released two custom weapon skins based on his branding. The red and black 'Speed & Monentum' skins are available for the M416 and the KAR98K. 

We're not sure what Shroud did, but he's got some too. His grey and white 'Ghosted' skins are available for the KAR98K and the AKM weapons.

The crates containing the skins will be available from June 4th through to June 30th for $9.99 a piece. Both streamers will have an icon on their channels that allows their fans to purchase directly. Both creators will recieve a cut of this purchase.

The skins will probably also be  found on PUBG's Steam marketplace for a pretty penny after the event too.

Shroud in-game weapon skins

Dr Disrespect in-game weapon skins

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