YouTube has rolled out Incognito mode for Android users

YouTube has rolled out Incognito mode for Android users

YouTube has started rolling out a new incognito mode for Android users.

This new feature will let viewers browse and watch videos on the Android app without it being stored in watch or search history for that account.

The option to turn on Incognito mode will appear in the account section of the app as the feature is slowly released to users.

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When this mode is activated, a bar will appear at the bottom of the app reminding the user that they are incognito, as well as the avatar in the top right turning into Google’s hat and sunglasses icon that also appears when incognito mode is being used on Google Chrome.

A prompt will also appear the first time the feature is used, explaining the feature and reminding the user that any activity may still be visible to employers, schools or internet service providers.

Other features are restricted when the mode is activated, such as subscriptions, inbox and library, only the Home and Trending tabs are accessible when in this mode, videos can also not be added to playlists. It will also deactivate after a period of inactivity.

There's no official word of when or if it’s coming to iOS or desktop yet. Incognito mode is a simplified version of the ‘pause watch/search history’ feature which is still in the app.

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