PewDiePie claps back at internet petition set up to remove him from YouTube

PewDiePie claps back at internet petition set up to remove him from YouTube

A petition to ban popular YouTuber Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg from the platform has racked up more than 82,000 signatures.

The petition explained issues with various things that Kjellberg has said in his video content, and lists a number of accusations and reasons why the popular YouTuber should have his channel removed from the platform.

Some of the things included racism, white supremacy and promoting extreme content that violates YouTube’s guidelines.

Kjellberg responded to the petition in a video he posted on his channel. In the video, he goes through and denies each of the claims made about him and his content, most of which he dismisses as flat out lies about him. Kjellberg also mentions how the petition is titled to remove white supremacy, but is solely targeted at him.

 “As laughable as some of these points are, a lot of people are taking it seriously, and if you don't know anything about me then obviously it paints a really bad picture that just isn't true," Kjellberg states in a recent video.

The YouTuber also apologised again for some of the edgy jokes and instances where he was criticised for using certain rhetoric in his videos, before continuing to say how much of the things said about him are not accurate.

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