New Twitch mode lets streamers run 'subscriber only' broadcasts

New Twitch mode lets streamers run 'subscriber only' broadcasts

Streaming platform Twitch has unveiled a new tool that lets creators host 'subscribe only' broadcasts.

If a viewer subscribers to a channel at any tier, including Twitch Prime, they will be able to access exclusive Subscriber Streams

If a viewer is not subscribed, they'll be able to see that the creator is live in sub-only mode, and a prompt will appear on-screen should they want to subscribe and jump in. VIPs and channel moderators will also be able to enter these broadcasts.

In order to qualify to host subscriber streams, creators must either be a Twitch partner or affiliate. They also cannot have any community guideline violations attached to their account over the last 90 days.

The streams will not be private. Viewers that are not subscribed will see a brief preview of a stream before receiving the option to subscribe. This ensures content on Twitch stays within the guidelines and outside viewers can report inappropriate content if they see it. 

When a streamer is running a subscriber stream, a star icon will appear next to their name in a user's channel menu to indicate the type of broadcast. It will also be tagged as a subscriber stream, which cannot be removed by the creator.

Twitch's subscriber stream mode is currently in beta and available to streamers who meet the above criteria.


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