Snapchat challenges Coronavirus myths with new AR game and information hub

Snapchat challenges Coronavirus myths with new AR game and information hub

Snapchat is doing its bit to fight misinformation during the Coronavirus pandemic with an interactive AR quiz, as well as a new information hub. 

Of course, the best place to check your facts is the World Health Organisation's website. However, Snap's quirky new trivia game lets users swot up in the comfort of the social app. 

The game is presented as an overlay, similar to most of Snapchat's features. A quiz pops up at the bottom of the screen with multiple questions surrounding the virus and its effects. Users can tap 'myth' or 'truth' before the answer is revealed. 

Snap has also unveiled 'Coronavirus: The Latest', a new information hub located in the Discovery tab. Here, users can read up-to-date news and information about the pandemic. Thw WHO has its open Snapchat channel now, as does the NHS. 

The platform carefully vets the content that can be shared there, unlike places such as YouTube, where anyone can upload and misinformation is historically rife.

Additionally, Snapchat's 'Here For You' tab, which launched last month, compiles resources and information from experts in different fields during this difficult time. Users can search for insight relating to topics such as mental health, anxiety and illness, as well as online grief and bullying. 

While Snapchat may not be the first place to go for news and facts, the platform is doing a good job of keeping its young demographic informed.


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