Zoie Burgher dissolves gaming group Luxe over online hate

Zoie Burgher dissolves gaming group Luxe over online hate

All-female gaming and reality organisation Luxe Gaming has disbanded, according to leader of the group Zoie Burgher.

Burgher livestreamed the announcement on her YouTube channel. 

"It's the hatred that killed me," Burgher said in the video.

"I feel like I lost myself in all of the hatred. I never wanted to be a hateful person but reading all of the comments online made me hateful."

Burgher also announced that the group would be disbanding via her Twitter account. She has since made her account private.


Burgher formed Luxe in 2016, with intent to bring a bunch of female creators together. Their plan was to create gaming content as well as a reality show series.

Luxe's channel got off to a great start; the first video released racked up over 100k views. However, the content released since isn't coming close to that in terms of views. It appears that the group didn't gain the traction it had shot for.

Burgher said in a tweet that the venture had only 'hurt me and brought me tears and ultimately cost me friends.'

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