Over 80 per cent of battle royale players watch and engage with live streamers

Over 80 per cent of battle royale players watch and engage with live streamers

Battle Royale has taken the gaming world by storm over the last 12 months, and it has also created significant waves in the streaming space too. 

Fresh research from Newzoo has uncovered that over 80 per cent of those playing battle royales titles such as Fortnite and PUBG are also frequently checking in with their favourite BR streamers.

81 per cent of surveyed gamers across 16 countries are more likely to watch live-streamed battle royale content, which is higher than the 67 per cent watching other competitive games.

Other comp titles include Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, Dota 2 and League of Legends. 

Royale commitment

BR gamers are not just watching live-streams more frequently, they're also hosting them. 51 per cent of battle royale gamers streamed themselves playing a battle royale game in the last six months, compared to the 31 per cent streaming other competitive titles. 

There's also more video content coming from BR gamers in general, with 45 per cent uploading footage of themselves playing a game compared to the mere 29 per cent of other competitive gamers.

Royale dollar

Newzoo also found that 35 per cent of battle royale enthusiasts donate money to gaming channels or esports broadcasters at least once a month, which again is higher than the 22 per cent of general comp players that donate to creators.

In addition to that, an impressive 76 per cent of BR gamers are subscribed to two or more gaming channels or broadcasters versus the 60 per cent of general comp title players subscribed to other channels.

Who's playing what?

Fortnite is still the most popular BR title, but not by an overwhelming amount. Newzoo found that 35 per cent of battle royale gamers play Fortnite exclusively, while 25 per cent only play PUBG. The remaining 40 per cent dabble across both titles.

Looking at the two titles seperately, Fortnite claims the younger playerbase, with 68 per cent aged between 10 and 30. Fortnite also claims 19 per cent of students where PUBG only claims 12 per cent. 

PUBG players are also more involved with their community; 25 per cent of Fortnite players identify as casual gamers over PUBG's 17 per cent. This could be down to the accessible nature of Fortnite, not to mention that it's also free. 

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