Captiv8's influencer index is now free for everyone

Captiv8's influencer index is now free for everyone

Data and insights outfit Captiv8 has made its influencer database available for free.

The database is filled with information about over one million influencers and creators across the world. 

Marketers can now use the resource to find and recruit relevant influencers for campaigns. The profiles contain data that is already public, however influencers are able to claim the profile and update or correct their own information.

The index can be used to search for creators by size, content type, location or personality. 

Free for all

Brands such as Dr Pepper, Snapple and Honda are already utilising the database, but Captive8 wants to open the process to everyone. The company wants to “widen the funnel,” and turn their resource in to the “the default place” that brands and marketers will look at when they need information on influencers.

“We felt that we really wanted to just open up that ecosystem, to provide brands access to find and research influencers without having to pay for it,” Captive8 co-founder Krishna Subramanian told Techcrunch. 

The base index will be free, but Captive8's 'end-to-end SaaS platform' can provide more in-depth reports on an influencer's audience and engagement. It'll also give access to Captive8's dashboard where users can manage campaign details and other tasks. 


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